20161115: Fantasy Review--Day of Reckoning

Name: Day of Reckoning (2016)
IMDb: link to Day of Reckoning page

Genres: Fantasy   Country of origin: USA.

Jason Hurst as David, Heather McComb as Laura, Jay Jay Warren as Tyler, Hana Hayes as Maddy, Barbara Crampton as Stella.

Directed by: Joel Novoa.  Written by: Gregory Gieras.

The Three Acts:

The initial tableaux:
Fifteen years ago, flying carnivorous monsters emerged from a drilling site, then from several more sites around the globe.  The human population eventually beat them back, but not without huge losses.

In the current day, the signs of their coming are repeated.

Delineation of conflicts:
Humans would like to live.  The monsters would like to kill the humans and eat some of them.

Some humans fight each other to live.  Other humans think the monsters are a sign from 'beyond' or whatever, and that humans need to be judged; such humans seem to prefer the monsters to other humans for this reason.

Resolution: Elimination derbies take their tolls.

One line summary: Another fine offering from the Epic Pictures Group.


Cinematography: 4/10 Most of the CGI footage was terrible.  As the film progressed, this got worse. The design of the monsters is chaotic, as if there were dozens of different kinds of monsters.

As for the natural footage, the second half was in the off-white, grey, green, black palette while barely being in focus.

Sound: 4/10 Usually I could hear the dialog.  Music seldom seemed to be an asset.

Acting: 1/10 Few of the people in the film showed any acting experience or skill.

Screenplay: 0/10 Terrible.  Going scene to scene to scene, the monsters might be (a) in the millions and invincible (b) a half dozen that look beatable (c) creatures that are destroyed by contact with water.  This endless inconsistency is pretty tough unless one is in the 'point and laugh' mood.  The minor theme of divine retribution on humans was just thrown in now and then.  Its development never went anywhere.

Final Rating: 2/10 I would not recommend this film to a friend or a stranger or an enemy.